The DSL Creative Group offers strategy for every phase of your project.

First, we work with you and your management team to develop a Project Plan that covers all aspects of your project from the first step through completion. The Project Plan defines the project's scope, demands and deadlines. With this plan, DSL Creative Group proposes creative direction, individual estimates, choices and timelines.

The planning process is thorough. We listen to your needs, explore any creative and technical issues, ask questions that will impact on the workflow and suggest alternative solutions. At this stage we may also discuss competitive issues and other potential obstacles that may hinder success.

Often, DSL Creative Group begins this process with a marketing audit, including a project questionnaire. All aspects of the marketing endeavor will be discussed in depth. The development of these understandings assures the integrity of basic assumptions, and the final agreements about goals, budgets and overall scope.

The result of this process assures smooth, comfortable and effective communication and an overall strategy that yields outstanding results!