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Media & Trade

Examples of award-winning marketing for media and trade publishers…

  • Consumer Products & Services
  • High Tech
  • Medical Products & Instruments
  • Media & Trade Examples of award-winning marketing for media and trade publishers…
  • Launched first PC magazine in People's Republic of China
  • Produced radio campaign for 50,000 watt Boston AM station
  • European product launch and direct sales support for several publications
  • Promotions for annual IBM PC publications (advertising sales)
  • Produced sales support, including sales videos for international magazines
  • Produced informational video for national, NYC based research firm
  • Direct marketing, media kits, trade advertising, PR, and introductions of various national high tech publications

Consumer Products & Services

Examples of award-winning campaigns for consumer products and services...

  • Introduced new, state-run lottery game, including primary research, PR, print ads, transit, outdoor, TV, radio, and direct mail campaigns
  • Marketing for new vacation home and ski resort communities, including PR, print advertising, direct mail, radio & TV, transit, outdoor, sales support
  • Multi-media campaign for national outdoor footwear brand
  • National print campaign & PR for regional tourism board
  • Multi-media campaign for various regional banks
  • Advertising and PR campaign for major theme park
  • Multi-media campaign for regional oil companies
  • International campaign for exchange student program and center for international learning
  • Many multi-media campaigns and product launches with TV emphasis

High Tech Marketing

Examples of award-winning high tech marketing...

  • Numerous national and international campaigns for scientific products including corporate ID for public company, trade advertising, annual reports, collateral, trade booths, newsletters, research, direct mail, PR and catalogs
  • National introduction of a new software product (Database Accelerator) including collateral, direct mail product identity, new corporate identity and trade booths
  • Product identity, trade booth design, trade advertising, and direct mail of "Change Management" software for IBM AS/400
  • Trade and direct marketing campaign for industrial fiber optic scopes
  • National introduction, including direct mail, trade booth design, and sales support for a manufacturer of scaffolding covering and lead removal systems from public structures and bridges
  • Direct marketing and telemarketing program for national systems integrator including annual report, brochures, PR and newsletters

Medical Products & Instruments

Examples of national and international programs for medical products and instruments...

  • Numerous multi-media campaigns for a variety of medical products, including collateral, annual catalogs, trade advertising direct marketing, PR, product videos and sales support for medical products companies
  • Launched proprietary version of endoscopic scopes
  • Introduction of proprietary medical devices for AIDS prevention
  • Launch of proprietary procedure of amniocentesis alternative (CVS)
  • Multi-media campaign, doctor's video and trade booth for ophthalmic camera
  • Managed trade advertising for neural-aneurysm clamps
  • Launched new corporate identity and major product introductions for national manufacturers of medical products